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In 1947, Cathedral Caravan was born in the heart and mind of Ray Brubaker, who along with his wife Darlene, set on on the highways and byways of this nation with their new project. Even then, the technology they used to reach the masses was on the cutting edge.

For over 50 years, God's News Behind the News has been broadcast over the radio airwaves, where thousands have received Christ as their savior and earned him the respected title: "Prophetic Statesman."

He has been on the cutting edge of prophetic news and world events for more than 55 years. God's News Behind the News will continue reaching out to the world through this avenue. There are still many areas of the world where Christian television is not available, illegal, or just has not reached yet. In those regions, radio is still the best, and sometimes the only way to reach people with the message of the gospel of Christ.

Today, the "new millennium" vision is to continually expand our outreach to multiplied millions through the effective media vehicles of television, radio, literature, conferences, and the internet.

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