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By Dr. Ray Brubaker

These are Classic Books written through the years by Dr. Ray Brubaker on many different subjects.  You are free to download, copy, and distribute them free of charge.  Hard copies are no longer available.  Click to view or right-click and 'Save Target As..' to download and print.

$500,000 Rapture Question

666 - Is The Antichrist Now Here?

Abortion And Birth Control

Are Miracles For Today?

Are We Approaching 666?

Are We Facing A Nuclear Holocaust?

Are We Seeing World-Wide Revival?

The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit

Can Christians Be Demon Possessed?

Can The Court Close the Churches?

China In Prophecy

Computers In The End-Time

Crisis Of The Americas


Egypt's Future In Prophecy

Flee To The Mountains

Focus On Youth

Future Of China

Getting Acquainted With God

God Wants Your Body

God's Message To This Generation

Holiness And Christ's Return

How To Be Ready for our Lord's Return

Iran In Prophecy

Israel In Prophecy

Israel Today And Tomorrow

Jerusalem In Prophecy

Let Freedom Ring

Liberation Theology

Millions Missing

Mideast Madness

Petra: City of Antiquity

Pilate's Report: Jesus' Crucifixion

Prophecies Concerning Israel

Rapture The Reward Of Readiness

Repent America

Respect For Life

Separation Of Church And State

Shall We Abandon South Africa?

Signs In The Sea

Signs Of Christ's Soon Return

So You Want To Fly In Space?

Star Wars and Angels In Space

Television And Our Lord's Return

The Coming Day of the Lord

The Coming Depression

The Coming Tribulation

The Dynamic Of Prayer And Fasting

The Rebuilding Of The Temple

The Time Is Short

The United States In Prophecy

The United States Of Europe

Threats Facing America

UFO's And The Bible

United Nations and Israel

Victory Over The Devil

What Is The Unpardonable Sin?

What Sin Could Destroy America?

What The Bible Says About Sin

What's Ahead For Israel?

When Death Won't Die

When Will Christ Come?

Why Die Before Your Time?

Will Aids Destroy America?